Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final Destination 6 Movie

Final Destination 6 MovieWe thought The Final Destination aka Final Destination 4 would be the last of the series, the studios said so at least... But then comes Final Destination 5, which is going to be released in August 2011. The characters of Final Destination may die fast but the franchise itself is definitely a die-hard property. There is indeed word of yet another Final Destination sequel, yep get ready for Final Destination 6! Well it's not officially confirmed yet, but Actor Tony Todd, who's been playing a recurring character in the franchise, did reveal to Dread Central that we may expect at least two more installments that would be filmed back to back:

Actor Tony Tod thinks there will be two more Final Destination movies, get ready for FD6!

"They expanded my part, and the producer told me as we were leaving Vancouver that if it opens at Number 1 they're going to shoot the next two simultaneously."
Actor Tony Todd

Let's hope that FD5 will perform well in theaters, so they may develop Final Destination 6 ! By the way, do you have any suggestion regarding the plot of Final Destination 6? Any twisted trap to share with the scriptwriters if they happen to drop by this site? Leave your thoughts below.

Anyway, stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Final Destination 6!